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All of our Settees are made of a poly composite materials and are manufactured with all stainless steel hardware.

These sets are manufactured by King Casual Furniture in Pennsylvania. 

Rollback Settee

67"W x 27"D x 42"H 
15" Seat Height
KP11 & P30
Empress Dining Settee

69"W x 28"D x 44-1/2"H 
18" Seat Height
KP12 & P30
Empress Balcony Settee

69"W x 26"D x 49-1/2"H 
24" Seat Height
KP13 & P30
Empress Bar Settee

69"W x 30-3/4D x 54-1/2"H 
29" Seat Height
KC3100 & KC30
Regal Dining Settee

65"W x 27"D x 40"H 
18" Seat Height
KC3150 & KC30
Regal Balcony Settee

66"W x 23-1/2"D x 46-1/4"H 
24" Seat Height
KC3250 & KC30
Regal Bar Settee

69"W x 28-3/4"D x 51-1/4"H 
29" Seat Height
KP26 & P33
Supreme Dining Settee

66"W x 22-1/2"D x 40-1/2"H 
18" Seat Height
KP28 & P33
Supreme Balcony Settee

66"W x 28"D x 45"H 
24" Seat Height
KP30 & P33
Supreme Bar Settee

66"W x 28"D x 50"H 
29" Seat Height
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