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Who We Are

Since 2007, our family has supplied real solid wood furniture to the greater Acadiana area. We seek to supply furniture that lasts a lifetime and can be passed down for generations. We believe that everyone deserves to have high-quality solid wood furniture for their homes, which is why we keep all of our options affordable all year long. We're always more than willing to accommodate your needs from the beginning to the end of the purchasing process. When you stop by our showroom, expect to be greeted with our friendly smiles and "hellos", because at Bare Wood Furniture we are family, and so are you.

From the start Dennis and Natalie have taken pride in their business and have built it into the success it is today. With the addition of their daughter and son in recent years, they have been able to keep up with the growing demand for real solid wood furniture in the Acadiana area. 

Come stop by our showroom off I-49 at Exit 7 between Carencro and Sunset to meet the family behind the business or just to take a look around! And unlike other furniture stores if you fall in love with a piece on our showroom you can take it home with you that same day, you don't have to wait for it to be ordered!

Our Mission

Build Lasting Relationships

At Bare Wood Furniture Center, we start by welcoming each and every customer into our store with a friendly smile and hello. We do this because we believe building relationships with our customers is the most important part of our craft. We pride ourselves in forming lasting relationships with our customers time and time again. We love seeing new faces walk through the door, nothing makes us happier than seeing some of our old friends come in again and again.

Build and Supply

Solid Wood Furniture

At Bare Wood Furniture Center, it is guaranteed you will find only the highest quality furniture in our showroom. We keep our showroom stocked with unique, quality, real wood pieces that come from an ever expanding list of companies. The companies we use are ensured to be of the highest quality as they are picked by our highly trained staff. We ensure that you will find something you love with our endless options of styles and sizes. If you find something you love on our showroom you can take it home today!

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

At Bare Wood Furniture Center, our customer satisfaction is a guarantee. If you are not happy with something or you have some problems with your furniture after it leaves our showroom, we are just a call away! We are always available for any questions regarding issues with our pieces, whether it is a nail needed to be hammered in, or a tree branch that fell on your swing, we guarantee to do whatever we can to make you satisfied with your pieces of furniture.

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