Finishing Options

All outdoor finish options have a water resistant component. The colors that are shown may vary on each individual piece of furniture due to the type of wood, age of wood, lighting, and other factors. All finishes are not lifelong and do require upkeep. Finish samples are available to be viewed in store. 

Basic Finishes

Our basic outdoor finishes are stained finishes that allow the wood grain to be seen through the finish. 

Outdoor Finishing

Dark Oak


Outdoor Finishing


Outdoor Finishing

Slate Grey

Outdoor Finishing


Premium Finishes

All of our premium outdoor finishes are acrylic solid color stains. These finishes are stained finishes that do not show the wood grain through them, almost like paint. These finishes can be solid or antiqued as shown below.

Hamilton Blue


Cedar Mountains

Bennington Grey

Sweet Rosy Brown

Winter White

Why don't we paint our outdoor furniture?

We do not paint our cypress outdoor furniture. This is because it seals the pores of the cypress, which will cause the wood to hold in moisture and rot from the inside out. With the paint on the cypress you will not see the damage that is being done until it completely rots and falls apart. If you do want to paint your outdoor furniture and you want your pieces to be cypress, we do offer our premium finish options that are a stain, but give you the look of paint. However, if you still want to paint your outdoor furniture let us know! We offer the option of making any of our pieces in treated pine to be painted!